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Cosa c’è di meglio che finire di leggere un’antologia horror mentre fuori imperversa la pioggia e le temperature cadono in picchiata? Un sacco di cose, in effetti: una cioccolata calda con panna, starsene in accappatoio dopo la doccia e superare un livello difficile in un videogioco, per esempio. Però nemmeno Taaqtumi è male: ma forse lo dico solo perché non sono così facilmente suggestionabile!

In a flood of panic, Lykke turned and fled. Her flailing arms sent several chairs crashing to the ground as she scrambled back across the dining hall. As her feet hit the hallway floor, the pack snarled and snapped at her heels. Breathless and wide-eyed, she grabbed the handle of the door to her room and tried to turn it. It  wouldn’t budge. Without hesitation, she flung herself farther down the hallway as  the dogs tore at her clothing and tried to slow her down. When she reached the end, she turned to face her attackers, and a raging blur of fangs and fur leapt up and struck her in the chest with its powerful frame, sending her bursting out through the emergency door. Lykke tumbled down a long flight of stairs and landed on her back in the drifted snow.

The dogs were gone. 

“Taaqtumi” is an Inuktitut word that means “in the dark”—and these spine-tingling horror stories by Northern writers show just how dangerous darkness can be. A family clinging to survival out on the tundra after a vicious zombie virus. A door that beckons, waiting to unleash the terror behind it. A post-apocalyptic community in the far North where things aren’t quite what they seem. With chilling tales from award-winning authors Richard Van Camp, Rachel and Sean Qitsualik-Tinsley, Aviaq Johnston, and others, this collection will thrill and entertain even the most seasoned horror fan.