Buon lunedì, prodi seguaci!🥝

Spero che abbiate passato una buona giornata per l’Eid-ul-fitr se la festeggiate. Il mio fine settimana è stato molto piacevole, tra buone letture, InuYasha e una timida capatina fuori casa: oggi vi lascio una poesia tratta da In the Dark, Soft Earth di Frank Watson, che mi ha gentilmente fatto avere la CE.


shifting through the ages
to the sound of her breath

a thousand diamonds
in every movement
of her breathing heart

in time’s abyss
when all the burning flames
have been quenched
and no one thirsts for more

these are the tombs
of a thousand years
grown green with the moss
of life’s decay

Dig into this delectable journey through the dark, sensual, and ravishing poetry of Frank Watson. Ruminate the searing to the sultry as you absorb this haunting lilt of burning carnality. The poems ignite rapid and surprising shifts in focus and perspective as they twist and turn your preconceptions, allowing the implications to linger in your thoughts.
Vignette verses explore the workings of love, nature, spirituality, and dreams with sprinklings of tarot symbolism and jazzy blues. Together these verses contemplate the subtle underpinnings of a soft earth.
Hear what readers and reviewers have said about Frank Watson’s poetry:
“This collection is truly captivating and beautifully written.” —Lenore Jordan, NetGalley (In the Dark, Soft Earth)
“Compact poems replete with stunning and visually arresting images.” —Kirkus Reviews (The Dollhouse Mirror)
“Watson left me wanting more. More poems. More imagery. More blue nights and haunted dreams. More weeping wood and moonlit ecstasy.” —The Portsmouth Review (The Dollhouse Mirror)
“This book was HAUNTING. There is no other word for it. Fantasy, romance, contemporary, mystery, and historical all rolled into one; each poem brought all of my emotions bubbling to the surface. It’s not something I will soon forget.” —Shawna Brooks, Goodreads (The Dollhouse Mirror)
“A collection that is both sensuous and graceful; I found myself drifting into a tranquil garden of dancing words and imagery. The eloquence is revealed in the rhythm as each page prances past the reader. A highly recommended compilation of words become art.” —Patricia Zarounas Murphy (Seas to Mulberries)