Buon lunedì, prodi seguaci!🏹

Ieri è iniziata l’Aromantic Awareness Week, quindi questa settimana vedrete qualche libercolo con personaggi aromantici – a partire da questa raccolta di racconti, Common bonds, a cura di Claudie Arseneault, C.T. Callahan, B.R. Sanders e RoAnna Sylver. Tra l’altro, domani esce pure City of Deceit di Claudie Arseneault, terzo libro della serie City of Spires, sono una bimba aromantica molto felice.

Ma partiamo dalla citazione da Common Bonds, nell specifico dal racconto A Full Deck di Avi Silver.

“You need my help.”  

Mads grunted, dropping into the loveseat.  

“At least, that’s what I gathered from your voicemail?” 

Mads made a sound not unlike the revving of an old Buick. 

Dani Brightstar took the opportunity to step in, rolling her eyes at her teammate. “Bartok’s been taken by an incubus.” 

“An incubus?” Cat frowned, reaching down to pet Bastard the Cat. “How does that work? I thought being asexual made you immune to incubi and succubi. Lucky Aces and all that.” 

“That’s a misconception,” Dani said, crossing her arms with dainty noyance. “We’re much better hunters, for sure, but we’re not all entirely resistant. I’m as close to immune as people come, and I can still sense when attraction magic is being cast near me. And grey-aces don’t always have an easy time of—” Mads cut her off with another loud car noise. Dani pursed her lips, taking a deep breath before continuing. “Anyway, that’s not how it got Bartok. It’s some kind of abnormality. From what we’ve gathered, the demon’s still using sex as a lure for some allosexuals, but it’s evolved its magic to manipulate romantic attraction.” 

An Aromantic Speculative Anthology
Common Bonds is an anthology of speculative short stories and poetry featuring aromantic characters. At the heart of this collection are the bonds that impact our lives from beginning to end: platonic relationships. Within this anthology, a cursed seamstress finds comfort in the presence of a witch, teams of demon hunters work with their rival to save one of their own, a peculiar scholar gets attached to those he was meant to study, and queerplatonic shopkeepers guide their pupil as they explore their relationship needs and desires. Through nineteen stories and poems, Common Bonds explores the ways platonic relationships enrich our lives.